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Re: gosa as ldap frontend

On Wednesday 28 April 2010 10:54 Klaus Ade Johnstad wrote:

Hi Klaus,

>  Onsdag 28. april 2010 10.24.47 skrev Jürgen Leibner :
> > It was and is the most reason for the primary schools here at home
> >  to  change back to plain debian installations from Skolelinux. I'm
> >  preparing right now a server with plain debian to substitute a
> >  Skolelinux one tomorrow.
> I find this strange. If lwat is a reason to change away from
> skolelinux to plain debian, then I guess you have an alternative to
> lwat, which should work just as well on skolelinux.
> What is the alternative to lwat on plain debian, that you can't use
> together with skolelinux?

Skolelinux uses more and more ldap to store all needed configurations in 
Missing professional supporters with ldap knowledge in this region makes 
it very hard to keep schools running with only LWAT as a possibilty to 
administrate the whole setup with all it's many services. And LWAT 
makes that situation worst with it's bugs, missing features, unusable 
web interface and it's missing command line interface.

Here, a primary school needs only DNS, DHCP, samba, squid and cups as 
services to keep up to 50 M$-clients running and making the children 
and the teachers happy. Using passwd and smbpasswd commands on the 
commandline was never a problem here. So Skolelinux is a kind of 
overkill for such small schools. It's like to use a big truck, where a 
van suites well.
My impression is, that forcing the integration of a tool like GOSA is, 
beside to get Skolelinux to squeeze, the most urgent thing to do. So I 
cheer to Andreas to go ahead with testing and further investigations 
for using it and hope that some other will help him soon. I would like 
to, but my skills may not be enough.
If GOSA gives back maintainability without plain ldap skills to 
Skolelinux, this hopefully will give back the usability of Skolelinux 
to small schools.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jürgen Leibner

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