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Coordinating a track on Debian Community Outreach for debconf 10?

Hi Frank, Andy and debian-edu folks--

Are you interested in seeing a healthy discussion at debconf about plans
and challenges deploying debian in the broader community -- getting
debian into schools, governments, community centers, etc?  I'm hoping to
find someone with a good perspective on this topic who might be
interested in coordinating a track for debconf 10 this summer in NYC.

Tracks are a new idea for debconf as of DC10.  A track would
thematically group a consecutive set of debconf events (talks, panels,
etc) to encourage a better understanding of a broader theme.  For this
to work, we'd like a knowledgable person about a given theme to act as
a track coordinator.

A coordinator would have a chance to set the tone and scope for the
track, schedule events, assemble panels or debates, introduce
speakers, and report back at the end of debconf to the larger
gathering.  We also hope that a coordinator could identify potential
good work being done in their area, encourage people to submit
relevant events for debconf, and shepherd talks in their track through
the submission process.

Are you interested in coordinating a track on debian community outreach?
 Or do you have a suggestion for someone else who might do a good job on
it?   You can reach me and other members of the talks
team privately at talks@debconf.org, or feel free to contact the whole
debconf team (publicly) at debconf-team@lists.debconf.org.

Thanks for considering, and i hope to see you all at debconf,

   -- dkg

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