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8. Mai Berlin

Dear friends of Free Software,

The German team of Skolelinux invites you to the inauguration of
the new Centre for Teaching and Testing of Skolelinux in Berlin.

After a long preparation time we will open our new test centre 
on 8th May, the German liberation day.

In the afternoon there will be short talks about several software
projects from 3pm.

The official part of the event will start at 6pm with some greetings
from befriended projects followed by two main talks reflecting the work
of Skolelinux.

>From 8pm a little party will allow us to develop our social networks.

Further information can be found on:


Hope to meet you in Berlin!

The latest news (in German) can be found on:


Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
Projektleitung skolelinux.de
GnuPG Key ID 0xE263FCD4

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