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Our wiki pages needs improvement

Hi all,

I noticed after Arnt Ove Gregerson wanted to also see the www subpages 
in a subpages list on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ that the list 
is incomplete generated. Normaly that subpages should already in the 
My investigations showed that there was no subpage ../DebianEdu/www.
I created it, but it didn't showed up in the list. After some trials 
with the regex <<PageList(regex:case:^DebianEdu/[^/]*$)>>
and renaming the subpage with all its subpages to ../DebianEdu/WWW there 
was no improvement. The subpage didn't show up in the list. So I used 
<<Navigation(children,1)>> and it functions as it should.

I marked both lists with /!\ and a comment to get feedback how to handle 
that or better find one who can solve the problem. This is also the 
intention of this mail.

An other side effect of this investigations is that I found a lot of 
outdated or incorrect or doubled content about web issues in various 
subpages. That should be reorganized on the .../DebianEdu/WWW page IMO 
and tidyied up soon. Someone with deeper knowledge of 'who is in wich 
team' should edit the teams pages.

Also there are some dead links, which should be corrected.
So please, take some time and help to improve.

Regards, Jürgen Leibner

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