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Bug#572769: summary of work done so far


just a short update what has been achieved so far (also concerning
debian-edu-artwork in general):


- grub2 wallpaper has been added.

- gdm and kdm have now almost identical theme definitions and use the
  same artwork, buttons and notifications work.

- a ksplash theme has been added, using the debian-edu
  wallpaper. Works nicely by default.


- I also created a new usplash background (works well, not in svn),
  but did not manage to get the progress bar properly working with
  that background. 

- I did not manage to activate the debian-edu-wallpaper in kde by
  default. The kdesktoprc configuration seems to be ignored by kde4,
  and I did not find any simple system-wide solution. 

So, if perhaps tested by someone else, this bug can be closed.



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