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Re: lenny branch vs trunk (Re: new kdm/desktop wallpaper?

[Holger Levsen]
> IMO thats not needed, just commit to trunk. For lenny we can use
> branches created from tags. (Which I still intend to do, as well as
> working on +edu, it's just that I'm swamped with paid work and
> finishing my new flat atm...)
> So please just commit to trunk (and upload to sid).

Btw, we need a squeeze-test repository to speed up development.
Having to wait 10 days before the uploaded changes can be properly
tested slow down progress significantly.

It is now 9 days until debian-edu, debian-edu-config,
debian-edu-install and sitesummary enter testing to allow me to check
that all their changes solved the problems.

We should also get a DVD build for squeeze running, to make it easier
to track changes in testing for the packages we put on our dvd.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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