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Re: debian-edu-install.dat.local does not work on tjener.

[Andreas Schockenhoff]
> What will we do? Remove it from the manual or?  If yes, should I
> remove it in the WIKI?

The file /etc/debian-edu/www/debian-edu-install.dat.local is only read
when the script debian-edu-pxeinstall is used to regenerate the pxe
configuration, and its content is added to the
/etc/debian-edu/www/debian-edu-install.dat by this script.  The .local
support was created to provide a way to add local values without
loosing them when the debian-edu-pxeinstall script is used.

If this is unclear in the wiki, the documentation need to be updated
to make it more clear.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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