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Re: lwat improvements

Petter Reinholdtsen skrev:
> [John S. Skogtvedt]
>> Also I'm a bit wary of making changes to the text without a patch to
>> update the translations, as this might have the effect of end users
>> seeing untranslated strings.
> I believe it is vital to accept a two step approach when dealing with
> translations.  First one changes the original texts, next one ask for
> updated translations and integrate them when they arrive.
> For the second setop, the podebconf-report-po program available in the
> po-debconf package is very useful.  It send a request to each
> translator as specified in each .po file and ask for an updated
> translation. :)
> Happy hacking,

Thanks, I will commit the changes to svn and then run podebconf-report-po.

(Not including the change to de_DE.po, as it didn't apply cleanly -
based on an older lwat?)

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