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Re: lwat improvements

Andreas B. Mundt skrev:
> Dear John,
> we currently investigate improvements and bugs in DebianEdu/skolelinux
> and try to get a working squeeze candidate before Debian freezes it's
> package-repository. 
> I have seen from the lwat changelog that you prepared the latests
> modifications to the source code and would like to ask if it is
> possible to include the attached patch which fixes (more or less) a
> few annoying typos. 
> If you are short in time, I would be happy to commit the changes
> myself if that's possible. (Probably the translations have to be
> updated too, I would provide a patch for that later).
> Best regards,
>      Andi

I can commit the changes, but I'm not sure it will help you to get them
into squeeze - the current version in Debian is 0.17-4, which doesn't
include the changes done to support DNS and DHCP in Debian-edu.
Holger uploaded the 0.18~beta-2 version to the Skolelinux repository.

Also I'm a bit wary of making changes to the text without a patch to
update the translations, as this might have the effect of end users
seeing untranslated strings.


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