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how to use trunk for development in the close future


as you might know, currently no commits to trunk should happen, as we are 
about to release 5.0.4+edu1 in a few days and up to now, while some of us 
thankfully started to develop for squeeze, we still kept all changes in trunk 
suited for lenny as well, and thus trunk is currently used for the packages 
aimed at +edu1.

I wonder if we should allow (though obviously discourage) lenny breaking 
changes in trunk now and backport (on a case-by-case basis) important changes 
to lenny in a to-be-created lenny branch for that package.

Does anyone plan to put work in a 5.0.x+edu2 release? I plan to continue 
maintaining debian-edu-doc, but that doesn't need a full release, and I think 
this is also true if we should decide to ship a new gnash version in our 
lenny. Besides that, I can only imagine to create a 5.0.x+edu2 release to 
base it on a newer kernel (from 5.0.x, not bpo or something similar) for 
better hardware support or similar improvements to 5.0.x which require new 

What do you think?


P.S.: Maybe we should also have an irc meeting again... any takers to make 
that happen? I'm happy to help/assist, but don't have time to push this 

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