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[Bug 1448] Chroot resolv.conf should not be overwritten


--- Comment #2 from John Sigurd Skogtvedt <jss@bzz.no>  2010-03-03 12:44:49 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> As far as I know, resolv.conf on LTSP clients are generated on the fly during
> boot, and the content of the file on disk on the LTSP server is not seen by the
> clients.
> Given that, I do not believe the behaviour of
> /etc/resolvconf/update.d/ltsp-chroots affect the diskless clients.  Why do you
> believe it affect the resolv.conf on diskless workstations?  Isn't the
> automatic generation done by LTSP during boot working?

This is with a custom chroot, not an out-of-the-box debian-edu chroot. In this
chroot, /etc/resolv.conf is not written during boot.
That should perhaps have been fixed in the chroot itself, but it is very
surprising to find that a file in /etc in a chroot is being automatically

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