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The simple way to get enough disk space when testing Squeeze

When I teste the squeeze build, I modify the partitioning recipes to
avoid the problem with overfull partitions.  Instead of increasing the
minimum sizes of the /opt/, /var/ and /usr/ partitions, I increase the
priority (second number of the three) of the debianedufreespace
partition from 1000 to 5000.  I use nano on the files in
/lib/partman/recipe/ when the profile question is being shown.

This work because we have a job running in the background during
installation, extending overfull partitions while packages are being
downloaded and installed, which will avoid the problem with partitions
filling up, if there is enough free space in the LVM volume group.

Increasing the priority of the debianedufreespace partition (which is
converted to free volume group space before most packages are
installed), make sure the automatic resizing have space to distribute
to the partitions that fill up during installation.

Personally, I believe we should increase the priority of the
debianedufreespace also for the normal install, while also increasing
the minimum parition sizes to make sure they always get what we
believe are required for the system to work properly.  This will give
debian-edu-fsautoresize more space to work with after installation,
and reduce the need for moving space between partitions after

BTW: I have discovered a bug in the priorities for the /opt/
partition.  It seem to me like someone tried to increase the partition
size but instead modified the priority.  Did not try to fix it, as the
current size apparently work and modifying priorities now for Lenny
might have unexpected consequences.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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