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Re: Footer/Signature of this Mailinglist

RalfGesellensetter schrieb am Monday, den 08. February 2010:

Hi subscribers, 
> I like to discuss if the current footer/signature could be improved/extended:
> currently:
> To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-edu-REQUEST@lists.debian.org
> with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org
> I'd suggest pointing to the mailing list archive 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/
> Even better was a direct (unique) pointer to the very copy of each mail
> there - or at least to the folder of the corresponding month 
>  (like http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2010/02/ ).
I implemented an archive-link feature for the debian-edu footer which adds a
link of the message to the bottom of each mail. This is based on the
Message-Id search so its not exactly perfect for cross-posts, but its the
best we have. 

Thanks for your attention


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