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proposal for a timeline for 5.0.4+edu1 in mid March 2010


below is my proposal for a timeline for 5.0.4+edu1.

After 5.0.4+edu1 I suggest to put lenny in maintainance mode and concentrate 
developing, testing and documentation efforts on squeeze, or 6.0.0. 
Translators can decide at which moment they want to stop translating lenny 
and switch over to squeeze. 

For squeeze, _my_ goal is also to not have the need for a +eduX diff, but to 
only use packages from Debian proper. For lenny all but 12 packages are in 
lenny proper, for squeeze this number is currently 0 :-)

Anyway, back to 5.0.4+edu1, my proposed timeline and some extra guidelines for 
enabling us to stick to the timeline are:

- Send out a call for translations of d-e-install NOW - we dont have any 
string changes planned, right?

- commits to trunk need to be suited for lenny(-test). If that is not 
possible, either commit the patch to the Debian bts or copy the last tag 
which is in our lenny to branches/lenny/$package and then commit to trunk. 
Putting the patch in the BTS is prefered, as else trunk and branch need to be 
kept in sync.

- NEW packages for lenny-test must be in squeeze (with whatever version).

- To move a package to lenny, the same version must be in sid at least.

- Freeze around march 1st, that means: we can use the international meeting in 
Zweibruecken for bug fixing and doing test installs and prepare the freeze, 
that is to make sure the packages in lenny-test are in a releasable state.
To achieve that, each change must have an entry in debian/changelog and either 
the Debian or Debian Edu bugtracker and must be non intrusive. 

- At freeze time the packages will be moved from lenny-test to lenny, after 
that only fixes for bug of priority 1 and regressions compared to 5.0.4+edu0 
are acceptable. 

- Release rc1 and start drafting the international press announcement on the 

- Release rc2 on the 9th, if needed. try to finish the international press 
announcement until the 9th, because if no new issues are found, the release 
can be announced on the 11th. 

- To finish the international press announcement the text has to be agreed 
upon the release managers and the Debian press team, though inputs from 
everyone are very appreciated .

- 13th: last day for building and uploading debian-edu-install and 
debian-edu-doc to include new translations. two days are needed to do and 
test the final builds.

- Release 5.0.4+edu1 on the 16th, send out international press release by 
Debian press team.

- Party.

- Release of national and local press releases.

- More party!

- Maintainance mode after edu1 means: updates to the documentation and its 
translations (via the d-e-doc package), security fixes, mostly via Debian, 
important bugfixes if non-intrusive, mostly via Debian. make a 5.0.X+edu2 
release if needed.

- This or whatever timeline we'll agree on, is a proposal. We release when 
everything is ready.

What do you think of this proposal?


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