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Presentation of OOo4Kids


I just discovered Skolelinux, it looks nice and useful for eduction!

I'd like to present to you our project, OOo4Kids (OpenOffice for Kids).
Let me now to introduce it:
OOo4Kids is a lighter version of OpenOffice. Org:

    * Dedicated to 7-12 years
    * With specific adaptations to the world of education
    * Who works everywhere (Linux, XO, Mac OS X, Windows)
    * International / Multilingual

OOo4Kids is made for educational purposes, with the idea of contributing back to the OpenOffice.org project (http://www.openoffice.org) through the OpenOffice.org project Education and student projects, but not only.

OpenOffice.org Education Project's goals are to establish a bridge between OpenOffice.org and the world of education as well as recruit and train new developers.
It is supported by the French association EducOOo.

If you want more details, please have a look to our wiki: http://wiki.ooo4kids.org/

Maybe, you could consider to add OOo4Kids to Skolelinux.
Hope you'll be find some interests in our proposition.
Ben Bois
OOo4Kids evangelist, designer.

PS: please note that the .DEB version is not yet available but it will be soon.
PS1: I put Eric Bachard in CC, he is the leader of the OOo Education and the master developer of OOo4Kids

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