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Re: server-questions

[Martin Schulte]
> I think, only to mount an filesystem from another server to
> /skole/tjener/home0 is no good way, because the traffic will also
> continue over the eth0 of tjener. Does someone knows a pretty good
> HowTo for this problem ? Is eisfair a good solution?

I do not know the howto, but believe to get this setup you have to set
up the other file server, and update LDAP to list this new server and
mount points in the automount map, and set the home directories of the
users using this server in LDAP.  When LDAP is correct, the networked
skolelinux machines will automatically mount the home directories from
this extra file server.

> We also need an extra webserver, because there will be some
> application running over the intranet, with multiple access. My
> first thought: i would set a link into the html sourcecode of the
> /etc/debian-edu/www/index.html to the second webserver.

Are you asking how to set up the web server or how to change the page
shown for users?  The former is probably best done using the
debian-edu-expert mode and selecting the minimal profile, the latter
is not well defined.  A tool is provided to change the default page in
iceweasel, but it need to be executed on each client machine.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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