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[Bug 1418] source DVD build partly fail and the result is incomplete


--- Comment #12 from Ronny Aasen <ronny@skolelinux.org>  2010-01-27 11:19:28 ---
I suspect my merged file list earlier gave wrong results. 

So i have altered the build to instead of making 2 dvd's make 1 dual layer or
dual sided dvd. 

the image now stops at 5.3GB, adn the script return 
1549 source packages used to create the binary packages
Source DVD missing source for 61 packages on lenny-dvd
Got 37 redundant source packages on lenny-dvd.

So we still miss 61 packages some how even tho the image now is larger 

looking at bin and src files i notice that forinstance the packages dhcp3
for the binary it's in local
and for source it's from updates-main. 

that means ofcourse that our dvd does not have our local source but debian
s source. I am not sure how many other packages have the same effect. perhaps
37 ? 

dhcp3 example:
source: ./pool/updates/main/d/dhcp3/dhcp3_3.1.1-6+lenny3.dsc 
bin: ./pool/local/d/dhcp3/dhcp3-common_3.1.1-6+lenny4~edu+1_i386.deb


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