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[Bug 1406] document how to extend the range of static IP addresses


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--- Comment #3 from John Sigurd Skogtvedt <jss@bzz.no>  2010-01-26 10:31:13 ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> I got this from the gathering in Oslo. As I remember it is used to
> extend/shrink dhcp ranges in lenny. If someone can confirm then documenting
> should be strait forward.

It's the script I wrote to generate the dns_ranges.ldif file in
debian-edu-config/ldap-bootstrap, except with a misc range added. It's best to
have only the misc range in the ranges variable if you want to do it that way,
otherwise ldapadd will complain that the other entries already exist. Note that
the misc range uses addresses, so you'd need to make various changes
(eth0 netmask, DHCP config, firewall config).

This what I wrote on the list yesterday, which is a somewhat easier way of
doing it:

"There are actually 10 unused IP adresses:

In lwat in lenny you can add a machine with the hostname "static51" and
the IP, and both DNS and DHCP records will be added for that
machine. At least this easily gives you 10 more static adresses.

If one wants more than 10 extra IPs, the simplest is probably to reduce
the dhcpXYZ range by n adresses, and start adding static51 at

If that solution sounds OK, I can document it on the wiki.

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