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Re: Nagios check for printing?

On Thursday 21 January 2010 10:26 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> One thing that occured to me is the complete lack of monitoring of
> the print system (CUPS).  Anyone got any feedback on what could and
> should be monitored, and how to do it?

Todays printers should be network printers and care about them self in 
schools. Even low cost printers in that market sector have the ability 
to be configured for using syslod, ntp, mail on the server.
They are mostly also little webservers which are able to send mail to 
the admin when something goes wrong, like toner gets low or paper 
So our mailsystem should be adjusted for that and the documentation 
should advice how to handle that chapter of printer administration in a 
common way.

> I suspect some Nagios check to detect problems with printers, and
> perhaps some Munin module to gather information on number of
> printouts, printers or something might be useful for schools, but
> would very muchlike feedback from those of you with close contact
> with schools. :)

> Pointers to Nagios and Munin plugins would be great, but failing
> that, command line examples on how to check status and get stats from
> CUPS would be good too.

cupsys_pages -> /usr/share/munin/plugins/cupsys_pages is a plugin, which 
is delivered with munin already, IIRC. It allows you to monitor the 
usage of your printers. Unfortunatly only, if the printer drivers are 
enabling cups to collect that data. foomatic printer drivers mostly 
don't do that.

Greetings, Jürgen Leibner

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