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Re: Nagios check for printing?

På Thu, 21 Jan 2010 10:48:17 +0100, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:

[Bjarne Nielsen]
What about tjener:631?

As in the TCP port is listening?  I believe we are already checking
that.  How often does cups fail to listen to that port, compared to
other problems with the printing system?

I am hoping we can montor and report disabled printers, printers out
of paper and stuff like that. :) What kind of printer problems do the
schools experience?

I ment what about the information you get from tjener:631. On the default startpage for http://tjener, you click on the link "printer administration". This gets you to tjener:631 where you get an overview of printers, can check status, printjobs, delete jobs etc. For most school admins this is sufficient, or actually better, as they can use it for fixing the problems too. For remote admins I suppose nagios check would be better. Printers out of paper, printing disabled and printer not reachable would be nice to monitor, and maybe a "last successful print job" report(?)

One common printing problems is printers stopping because of a failed print job. This is caused by "ErrorPolicy stop-printer" beeing default setting when adding new printers. I think it should be ErrorPolicy abort-job by default, but that's not really a nagios check issue... Haven't checked if this is default now.


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