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Re: diskless question

2010/1/21 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:
> [Nigel Barker]
> Yes, thin clients have sound for applications using the sound systems
> ESD, ALSA or PulseAudio now (and selected applications using OSS).
> Which Youtube video did you test?

random. (most pop, or whatever)

> If LDM is asking for username and password, you booted as a thin
> client.  To switch to boot as a diskless workstation, specify runlevel
> 3 on the kernel boot line sent to the client.

I am using default-diskless.cfg, which has runlevel 3 already there. I
changed it to nosplash, and I am not getting splash, so it would seem
to be using the right line.

I never saw any menu, btw, even before changing to
default-diskless.cfg. Does that give a clue as to what I'm doing

I will investigate further tomorrow. Thanks for the help


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