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diskless question

I successfully installed a workstation from 19Jan DVD, which means our
latest netbooks are now cloned and in circulation - thank you very
much everyone.

I installed a ltspserver from 19Jan netinst CD, but on first boot
there are a bunch of  errors about dns(because tjener is etch I
suppose) and the failure of converting ltsp to diskless. Then the thin
client doesn't get any response from pxe.
So I converted to the old dhcpd.conf, removed /opt/ltsp, did
ltsp-build-client, and then ltsp-make-client. Everything completed
successfully, and the client pxe boots now, but still seems to be
thin. At least the login screen looks like a thin client (ldm) and not
like a workstation (kdm), has dhcp name ltsp020.intern, and I can log
in without entering the MAC in lwat or dhcpd.conf

Then I went to youtube and it played with sound. Fantastic I thought,
but perhaps thin clients have improved to that point by now also? How
do I tell if my client is thin or diskless?


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