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Re: Idea for simple LTSP cluster out of the box

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Philipp Hübner]
>> But that would only work out of the box in the net for
>> now, right?
> Well, I actually believe it would work for the 192.168 net too, with
> the ssh connection going throught the LTSP server via NAT to the
> selected LDM server.
>> And the result would be that the nfs chroot is taken from one
>> server, and ldm would connect to another?
> Yes.
> It would spread the load of the user logins, not the NFS trafic.
> Happy hacking,

Also the X or SSH+X traffic would flow thru both the thin client
network, the booting ltsp server, the main network to the X server ltsp

Adding latency and jitter all the way. and beeing prone to the spiky
nature of the main network (

I do not feel this behavious is suited as the default on the default
network architecture we use today.

if there was multiple ltsp servers on a given network
then it would be a sensible default for that given network to share the
load, but not with machines on other thinclient networks.

Adding the script, and config but having it commented out. and
documented how to enable, and how to adapt your network would be a good
idea tho (for squeeze)


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