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[Bug 1419] PXE installation fail often because of bug in Squid affecting APT


--- Comment #8 from Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>  2010-01-17 20:58:23 ---
I've investigated, and found several references claiming that Squid and APT do
work well together unless the apt.conf option Acquire::http::Pipeline-Depth is
set (to 0 or 5, not sure which settings is more appropriate).

I'm testing this now using depth 0, and the initial results look good.  Have
been able to PXE install the main-server profile twice now without any download

The setting will have to be provided both by debian-edu-install to make sure
installing debian-edu-install succeed, and by debian-edu-config to make sure
the file in /etc/ is owned by a package.  I'm working on a patch implementing
this, by adding a temp file with the config setting using debian-edu-install,
and removing it as soon as the debian-edu-config package is installed.

The proper fix would be to fix the bug in Squid to make sure it work well
with APT.

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