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[Bug 1417] Provide a way to skip ltsp-make-client during installation


--- Comment #2 from John Sigurd Skogtvedt <jss@bzz.no>  2010-01-15 11:04:34 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Any idea how to implement this?  I assume it should be controlable using
> preseeding.

Hmm, given that ltsp-make-client is run by cfengine it's a bit difficult.
Maybe something like this?

Index: cf/cf.ltsp
--- cf/cf.ltsp  (revisjon 61274)
+++ cf/cf.ltsp  (arbeidskopi)
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@
         # Need to run after both mkslapdcert (firstpass) and
         # snakeoil-on-ice (secondpass), and before
         # debian-edu-pxeinstall (forthpass).
-        "/usr/sbin/ltsp-make-client"
+        "/bin/sh -c ${quote}grep -q skip-ltsp-make-client /proc/cmdline ||

        # Divert some binaries to get them working with Pulseaudio or
        # ESD on thin clients.

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