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Removing the old bind files on upgrade? (Was: r61275 - trunk/src/debian-edu-config/debian)

[Klaus Ade Johnstad]
> And what will the consequenses be for us that still use the bind setup 
> from Etch on Lenny? Will this commit not ruin our setups?

It will probably ruin your setup, yes.  The unchanged files will be
removed, and the locally changed files will be copied to

Perhaps we should drop this cleanup of /etc/bind/, and leave those
files behind on upgrades from etch?

I just upgraded my workstation, and noticed that the obsolete file
/etc/cfengine/debian-edu/cf.locale was still left behind.  I guess I
forgot one file when adding the preinst code.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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