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Re: Test install of main server

Oded Naveh skrev:
[Ole Anders Andreassen - Saturday, November 21, 2009 12:07 AM]

Oded Naveh skrev:

	Is your /boot on a physical volume or lvm?

This one I'm not quite sure of.  How do I check it?

'mount' would tell you what file systems are attached where, look for what's
mounted on /boot or get straight to the point:	'mount | grep root'

	I assume you mean guided partitioning with LVM?
	Have you tried using fully automatic partitioning?

I choose fully automatic partitioning, but in the next step I have to
choose partitioning with LVM. When testing on vitualbox the part
where I can select partitioning with LVM does not show up.

It could be your hard disk is too small for the partitioner to apply the
Then it will leave it for you to solve and what's more it wouldn't even
present you with these prefabricated options.
That way or another you didn't get the automated partitioning going for you
and you're likely to end up with /boot on LVM which GRUB can't handle.

If your hard disk is larger than 14GB please file a bug report, as
partitioning was sorted out sometime ago and should be working fine, it
should be easy to spot any recent commits that bugged it down.

If your hard disk is about 14GB it is just about big enough and evidently
using one partition for all will get you through, than unless you intend to
add more disks later there's no point really to use LVM and that saves you
the need to create another partition for /boot.
Just choose one of the non LVM options.
Of course such system will not be very useful therefore I gather you're only
doing it to test the installation, so lots of thanks for that.

Courage, Odd.

I have tested on 3 different servers, and all of them ended with GRUB error.
An old Compaq PIII 1000mhz with 2x36GB, adaptec 2100s raidcontroller
Fujitsu Siemens Xeon something, with 2x72GB, adaptec 2100s raidcontroller
HP Proliant 380 G5, with 4x72GB sas, HP Smart Array 410i raidcontroller

Bugreport filed two days ago :)

Please tell me if I should add some logs to the bug report.

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