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Re: thin client performance

El mié, 23-09-2009 a las 16:28 +0900, nigel barker escribió:
> Dear All
> How would I go about checking the performance of a thin client, to see 
> if it was responsible for its own slowness? (and not the server or network)
> I'm asking because I have some via 600MHz 256MB clients that seem 
> sluggish with my new ltspserver, whereas the other clients on the same 
> switch (1.5GHz celerons 256MB) are fine. When a class of kids were 
> making impress presentations, I had several complaints from that type of 
> client, and when I checked, they were indeed slow.
> Is 600MHz too slow nowadays?

not, for sure
I have in a personal project some 48 mb computers booting from a floppy
with a RS-232 mouse and they work right.

In the past I have had problems with some via based chipsets because the
graphic card driver was really bad. I would look that way, try to boot
them using a vesa driver and check the differences in perfomance.

>  I have some original pentium 166 with only 
> 48MB running still with an etch server, so I would be a little surprised 
> if the minimum specs have jumped so much.
> cheers
> nigel

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