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Re: stupid mistake. what should I do?

nigel barker wrote:
> Owing to a huge amount of stupidity on my part, I confused my konsole tabs
> and performed some operations on (Etch) tjener by mistake. Namely I
> replaced apt sources with lenny-test, updated and (incredibly, in spite of
> the huge list of stuff that came up) upgraded!
> I only realised at the end of the day what I had done, and since homes and
> printers, lwat and such daily stuff is working still, I came home without
> trying to undo the damage.
> What should I do now? Put back the etch sources and upgrade again? Just
> leave it? Prepare a new tjener as fast as I can?
> Please go ahead and ridicule me now if you want. I deserve it.
> Thanks

Downgrade is not supported. that will probably just hurt more.

you just did part of the upgrade process. I would check your backups
first of all. if those are valid you could restore your systemfiles back
to etch.

If those are not valid, or you realy want to upgrade to lenny,
you should take a backup right away to have some kind of point to
restore to. And then read the upgrade document [1] and try to compleate
the upgrade.

Good luck.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Lenny


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