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Re: Replace LTSP show blocker FAM by GAMIN?

El lun, 14-09-2009 a las 21:00 +0200, Klaus Ade Johnstad escribió:
> Mandag 14. september 2009 20:55, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> > However, during the past 3 weeks there have been at least three
> > incidences when login was not possible to more than 5 users within
> > finite time (*). In all cases, famd turned out to be the culprit:
> > Each case some user left behind a process zombie that took one out of
> > two CPUs (100% on CPU0).
> It's also among the things I remove from ltspservers, I simply remove 
> it, and do not replace it with anything.

I strongly support this. I'm removing it too in the ltsp servers and
workstations and don't find any reason to keep this installed.

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