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Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 29/10 - 01/11 2009


I would like to join the developer gathering in October as well.

o Your name

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Rohrmoser
from Darmstadt, Germany

o Your travel expenses
~ 250 Euro

o Which part of the gathering you are joining (conference,
technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, facilitators)

As a developper and supporter for Skolelinux, especially for schools
in Rheinland Pfalz, I would like to share experiences, ideas and
improvements. I am involved in installing and maintaining a large number of
different schools (elementary school, Gymnasium, school for handicaped 
children,	professional school,  ..) which all have very different 

o If you are joining us for dinner on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday

yes I will join all dinners



Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Rohrmoser
Odenwaldstrasse 32, 64367 Mühltal
phone: 0176 22281393

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