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Re: usb stick on plain lenny workstation with etch tjener


Joakim Seeberg schrieb:
> This can be solved by adding the users to plugdev group in /etc/group on
> the workstation. I guess I dont have to explain why this a bad solution.
> What is the better way? How is it done on skolelinux workstations?
> I tried adding the groups: teachers and students instead of users to
> /etc/group but that does not work

If you correctly applied the ldap.tar.gz tarball provided on


all users are added to a few groups at login time using the pam_group
module. See 'man group.conf'.
My /etc/security/group.conf says:
*; *; *; Al0000-2400; audio,cdrom,floppy,fuse,plugdev,video,scanner

If 'id' shows your user in the group and it still doesn't work, the
error must be somewhere else.

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