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Re: [Bug 1349] Installation fails due to ltsp-client-core being installed outside chroot

On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 10:04:23AM +0200, drift@skolelinux.org wrote:
> ------- Comment #1 from jss@bzz.no  2009-05-06 10:04 -------
> Workaround for anyone who wants to test debian-edu before a fixed DVD image is
> available:
> After /target is mounted during installation (right after partitioning),
> execute the following in a terminal:
> touch /target/etc/ltsp_chroot

this is not a good idea as a workaround, as the ltsp-client-core package may
very likely do evil things on an install that isn't a proper ltsp chroot
environment. it's less evil than it once was, but i still strongly discourage
installing it at all.

i'm uploading a fixed package now...

live well,

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