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[Bug 1279] RFP needed: Typeface/TTF for educational handwriting


rgx@gmx.de changed:

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------- Comment #3 from rgx@gmx.de  2009-04-27 20:33 -------
Dear Holger, 

thanks for tracking this bug, and sorry for having missed your reply in
November. This doesn't mean, I changed my mind ;)

This bug implies non-technichal issues: We (Skolelinux/Debian-Edu) should
find a way to make people (pupils) create free cursive fonts (if there are none
to be found). 

http://www.fontpool.de/forum/messages/1653.html states that there is a font
that could be free, if its hoster didn't bind the author to any riveting

This font comes closest to the handwriting I mean within GPL licensed fonts:

Do we have to close wishlist entries? Is there another bug reporting system for
dreams? ;)

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