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Re: Most popular packages currently missing on the lenny-test DVD

[Andreas Tille]
>> 21.3   8.4 mc                                  (notoncd) (notwanted)
> Please put mc on "wanted".  At least in Germany it is really widely
> used and I guess many teachers will miss it.

OK.  Upgrading to recommends.

>> 17.2   5.9 deborphan                           (notoncd) (notwanted)
> Do you trust aptitude completely and thus deborphan is not wanted?
> From time to time I verify installation using deborphan.  It should
> be not too time consuming on the DVD.

Yeah, I use deborphan quite a lot.  I added it to the list of packages
to install.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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