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tuxpaint png sharing server

Hi all,

My kid's school sets up evenings for a couple of weeks every year for
parents to come in and teach a  subject of their choice. I often think
is would be nice to do something that gets the kids sharing between
each other and enjoying seeing their own content copied, modified and
shared by other students.

I started thinking of tuxpaint and some way to get the kids drawing,
saving and then open others kids drawings and then working on them,
etc. From a teachers point of view I imagine there would be many ways
to motivate (or mechanise through game rules) the group to achieve
these goals.

But from the technical side I see is one difficulty.
Each client could have it's .tuxpaint/saved mounted, but when I start
to think about it more closely, I don't know what to use as a document
(.png) server.

If two kids open the same png, then the last child to save the art
will overwrite previously saved copies. Both Samba and NFS behave like
this right?
What I think is needed is a server that never overwrites files.
When a child opens a png the server should 1, retain the original copy
and 2, create a new file when the student saves.
If for example three students open the same png and then all three
save, there wiil be a total of four png's on the server.
This way a child's original art is never lost and all versions of all
modifications are also available for further modification.

Is there something out there that already does this?
If I were to try and programme this, where should I start? WebDAV?


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