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Re: Dev.gathering Trondheim 24-26 April. Users conference Narvik 24 April

> Knut Yrvin: Friday, April 03, 2009 12:32 AM
> > The organizing comity for the Narvik gathering are suggesting
> > some changes for the gathering 24-26 April.

Fredag 3. april 2009, skrev Oded Naveh:
> Is that settled then?

Yes. Trondheim it is for developers April 24-26.,Narvik it is for a user 
conference on Friday 24.  

> > * We invite developers to Trondheim at the same weekend as
> > Narvik, April 24-26. Arnt Ove Gregersen invited developer to
> > Trondheim 10 days ago.
> Though may allow considerable saving,
> I should still request my expenses be preapproved.

I've pushed on boardmembers of Free Software in Schools to speed up 
their approvals, not letting others in the dark to long. Or else travel 
cost could increase unnecessary, then having less money for sponsoring 
travels. This is a contradiction when running a free software project 
where the goal is to recruit more contributors ...

Could someone in the Free Software in School board please give Oded a 
yes :)

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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