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iPreparing developer gathering in Trondheim


I would like to lay out my working plan for Trondheim because
I probably need a member of the SkoleLinux team to talk to.
I found out that there are several packages in the tasks files
which are not contained in Debian unstable which is the basic
source of information for the tasks pages at


to fix this I would like to discuss the following questions:

  - Is there anybody who volunteers to sit down next to me
    to check the list of packages.  MOst probably there are
    some "totten bits" inside the tasks files I would like to
  - Other packages might be not in unstable but in stable or
    testing - so I would like to hear your opinion whether we
    should parse all Packages.gz files (perhaps including
    experimental) and mark the entries accordingly.
  - There might be also an option to make the Packages.gz
    location configurable.
  - Last but not least I would like to verify that debian-edu
    builds with the new blends-dev package which is targetted
    at experimental (sitting in new since more than two weeks
    and hopefully available when the gathering starts).

Kind regards and looking foreward to travel North ;-)



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