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Help to help: bugs squash.

Hello developers,

Please advise on best ways to assist with fixing bugs.

Recently I've been studying the Debian(-edu) installation system. In order
to acquire hands-on knowledge of the system I followed some bugs, I believe
I got some pined down and gained principal understanding of d-i and its

Now I'd like to chip in with squashing these bugs at their source.

I read the Wiki Contribute/Development[1] but am not confident enough to
start uploading changes directly, also at times there are alternatives to
discuss such as this:
> [bug 1316]
> 1) As these templates are not localized it may be reasonable 
> to either localize them or use '<simple name>::=<name>_:' in 
> the recipes headers and drop the templates.

I thought maybe attaching patches to bug reports would be a good way, though
requiring someone else's time to integrate into the source tree would also
allow review of the patch, but I couldn't find any directions on desired
patch format.

Basically, I wish to be helpful, burden others little as possible and risk
not trashing things up.


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