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newt frontent have inefficient use of screen real estate (multiselect)

Package:  cdebconf-text-udeb
Version:  0.137
Severity: important
User:     debian-edu@lists.debian.org
UserTags: debian-edu

The profile question in Debian Edu/Lenny do not look good.  The
multiselect question do not select all the four options, but only the
first three and a scroll bar, while the display have three blank lines
between the question text and the question itself.

See the attached image d-i-edu-danish-profile.png for an example.
This is the normal profile question in the debian-edu-install package.

The expert question have more options, and look even worse.  Here, the
text fill the entire screen, and instead of moving the multiselect
part of the question to another screen (which is done when not using
"preformattet" text), it display the question at the lower end, on top
of/below the button <continue> button.  See the attached image

The expert profile question is not usable (not able to see properly
the options to select them), while the normal profile is just
confusing to users.  Because of this, I set severity to important.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

PNG image

Attachment: d-i-edu-english-profile-expert.png
Description: expert profile question

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