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RE: Diskless Workstation - impossible to install

Vagrant Cascadian: Thursday, October 23, 2008 9:55 PM
> ah, yes. the versions of initramfs-tools in lenny supports 
> putting the server's ip in root-path, but the version in etch 
> didn't (you need to use next-server).
	Well, That really is an interesting piece of information, but
shouldn't there be a dependency relation defined to take care of that?
But then I guess such dependency would be enough to hang tasksel on etch
(current stable), wouldn't it?

> lenny's ltsp is in good shape, so i would definitely 
> recommend giving it a try if it's not for production. if 
> you're really adventurous, try the ltsp/ltspfs/ldm packages 
> from experimental :)
	<Left this bit for prospective searchers>

Does anybody here think ltsp-make-client should be enhanced?
I'd be happy to test my aptitude on this iff it has any value beyond mere
I mean this discussion suggests it may, such as Petter wrote, but I'm not in
a position to tell.

Petter Reinholdtsen: Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:41 AM

> The reason tasksel is used is to make sure the same set of 
> packages are installed on a diskless workstation as is 
> installed on a normal workstation, and thus it was thought to 
> be a good idea to use the same mechanism to install.
> When that is said, the reason the fallback mechanism og using
>   aptitude install -y -q $(tasksel --task-packages 
> education-workstation)
> isn't the default, is that I never found time to verify that 
> it would install the same set of packages.  I believe it 
> does, with more feedback in the process if something go 
> wrong, but I never ran a full test to compare the list of 
> packages installed one way and the other.
> So I would suggest commenting out the 'tasksel install' call 
> and use the aptitude install call instead if you run into 
> problems.  Then you should see in the log when the installation hang.

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