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LTSP in Lenny

I did some initial testing of LTSP in the Lenny based Debian Edu, and
fixed a few bugs.  I believe it is working when installed from the
netinst CD and the DVD.  The following from the installation log
confuses me, though, and I believe it will make it impossible to
install LTSP servers using PXE:

  Jul 23 11:41:52 main-menu[919]: INFO: Menu item
    'ltsp-client-builder' selected
  Jul 23 11:41:52 ltsp-client-builder: ltsp-build-client options:
    --mirror file:///cdrom --security-mirror none --mount-cdrom

I've tried to figure out where the apparently preseeded value for
ltsp-build-client options come from, but it do not seem to come from
our preseeding.  Vagrant, is this from the LTSP package itself?  Can
we make it dynamically detect the presense of a CDROM and only set
these values if not installing from the net?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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