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Re: strange problem with disk space

2008/7/17, Bjarne Nielsen <bjarne@elb.as>:
> I think in Terra there was some issue with some tmp files staying somewhere
> strange, filling up the root partition, but I cannot remember. Can't
> remember if it was some log files, kde tmp files or something else. Maybe
> someone remembers? /var/tmp?

I wounder what means the line
  none on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,nosuid)
outputed form the 'mount' comand
May someone explain it?

I think i remember on time I was worink on another distribution and
created a dvd image file in /tmp folder of debian edu but after I
turned debian edu on, the file was missing. I thought the /tmp got
clean at the mount.
The problem may be that...I'm not even sure of remembering correctly :(

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