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Re: Debian Edu Conference?

On Wed, 2008-07-16 at 10:55 -0500, MaryBeth Panagos wrote:
> Howdy!

Hello there :)

> I'm emailing to see if anyone has more concrete information on a 
> possible Debian Edu Conference in October?

Yes, there will be held an User Conference for the Debian Edu

The Exact dates are being ironed out, but we're targeting week 41, with
possible dates for the user conference being held the 9th-10th and a
developer summit the following days (from the evening the 10th until 
afternoon the 12th).

> We are organizing a Gnash Hackathon, and would love to coordinate it so 
> it could be in the same place/similar time with DebEdu.  I am not 
> subscribed to the mailing list, but any feedback is most welcome!

Please do not hesitate to ask if there anything we can do to help
facilitate for this event to be integrated into our main developer
gathering the weekend from 10th until the 12th of October.

(o_   / with regards
 |   /  Anders Kringstad - <akai @ skolelinux.org>
//\-X   Leader elect, Free software in schools Norway: www.skolelinux.org
V_/_    Fri programvare i skolen: www.friprogramvareiskolen.no

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