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Re: Logo for tasks page


the tool which builds the tasks page is fixed now.  So I was faster than
you to decide which logo should be displayed.  Currently it is now slx-tux.
I have no strong opinion on it - just say clearly what you want to see there
(or rather don't only say it - check it into SVN ...).

Remark about the problem I had to solve:  The problem was the UTF-8 encoding
of the task name itself and not of the description which caused a quite
vague error message.  This is fixed now and UTF-8 names for tasks are fine.
But if you look at the menu on the left "Links to other tasks" you will
notice the line break in the menu which just sucks.  Please find a short
and pregnant name.  I'd suggest "Norwegian Bokmal desktop" (well, with the
'a' with the funny 'o' on top - I have a broken UTF-8 terminal and can not
write it currently).

Kind regards



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