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Bug#489754: please use Choices-C in templates where appropriate

package: debian-edu-install
version: 0.671
severity: wishlist

On Tuesday 24 June 2008 07:08, Christian Perrier wrote:
> To debian-edu-install maintainers, this is indeed something which is a
> good use case for the "Choices-C" trick in debconf templates so that
> you can add an English "translation" directly in the templates:
> __Choices: Main Server, Workstation...
> Choices-C: Main-Server, Workstation....
> Thus, users will show the choicees without hyphens while what will be
> passed to debconf is what you did put in "Choices-C". Good way to show
> friendly strings to suers while your scripts use more cryptic ones.
> Yet another tip for a possible "Tips and tricks writing debconf
> templates" talk/BOFH/course at DebConf8..:-)

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