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Re: Running debian-edu-fsautoresize automatically on hosts selected using LDAP?

[Holger Levsen]
> Sounds like to me.

OK.  I'll implement it, then.

> I definitly want to see a syslog entry for when it runs (with
> success or not), too, so that it shows up in logcheck too.

Please check the syslog message, and imporove it if it should include
more information.

>> I'm not sure how often the resizing should be done, but propose once
>> per hour to have reasonable response time when a disk is filling up.
> Not sure how invasive the check is, but maybe even every 15min?

I would prefer to use cron.hourly or cron.daily, and not having to use
cron.d.  The check is not very expencive.  A simple 'df' with sime
text parsing, and it completes quickly when no resize is needed.

> Today (as opposed to some years ago) I dont think /usr should be on
> a seperate partition anymore. I know about the benefits of having
> partitions per service, but with todays terrabyte drives that has
> become a lot less useful and more partitions mean more cognitive
> stress for system administrators.

I prefer /usr/ on a separate partition, to be able to boot and try to
repair the file system if it go corrupt.  The chances of a corrupt
root is smaller because it is normally much smaller in size, while
/usr/ have a higher chance of touching a bad block due to its size.

>>   /var                     10% 10g defaults
>>   /var/spool/squid         10% 40g defaults
> is squid configured to use that much space? the default is 256mb...

Not by default. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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