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(re)Announce: Debian-Edu Skolelinux Developer Gathering in Oslo, Norway, june 6.-8.

Hello everyone :-) 
(A big apology to .no/.se/.de/.es, announcement only in English)

The Free software in schools Norway (FRISK) board are happy to 
(re)announce the Developer Gathering to be held in Oslo on june the 6th 
- 8th and that the makers of QT, Trolltech ASA have decided to sponsor 
the Developer Gathering this time by allowing us to host it in their 
Headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

Please note that the USER CONFERENCE, are PUT BACK UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2008.

Developer Gathering Details:

Developer Gathering date: June 6th - June 8th, 2008
Location: Trolltech ASA, Sandakerveien 116, Oslo, Norway
Airport: Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL) - www.osl.no
Train: Take the airport train from the airport to the central station, 
       and then the subway to Nydalen station 
Hotels: http://url.err.no/0UCMH3 (Hotels.Com booking site location:Oslo)
Location picture: http://trolltech.no/images/careers/oslooffice3
Weather: http://www.yr.no/sted/Norge/Oslo/Oslo/ (yr.no)
Gathering URL http://www.friprogramvareiskolen.no/Gathering/2008-06-Oslo

The gathering will include work on several topics:
 * Development
 * Translation 
 * Testing 

To register please send an email message to debian-edu@lists.debian.org
(or linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no ), containing the following information: 

Subject: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering june 6.-8. 

* Your name 

* Your travel expenses (if you are or plan to be an active developer, 
  translator or contributor to Skolelinux). 

* Which part of the gathering you are joining (conference, 
  technical/testing, translation, system user/documentation, 

* If you are joining us for dinner on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday 

* If you are a developer, we would like to know which Bug(s) you are 
  going to work on as well. Our bugs can be found at 

All parties interested in participating in the development of the
project are warmly welcomed to this Gathering!

For full schedule please see:

(o_   / with regards/med vennlig hilsen
 |   /  Anders Kringstad - <akai @ skolelinux.org>
//\-X   Leader elect, Free software in schools Norway: www.skolelinux.org
V_/_    Fri programvare i skolen: www.friprogramvareiskolen.no

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