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New artwork needed for usplash

A while now, the usplash artwork haven't been working.  The reason is
that usplash changed its format, and the debian-edu-artwork package
had to be adjusted for this.  This evening, I rewrote the build system
based on the build rules in usplash-theme-debian, to get our usplash
package working with newer usplash.

Unfortunately, the new build system do not use the same input as the
old ones.  The old one used a PNG image as its input for the
background, while the new one uses a SVG image for the background and
a transparent PNG representing the progress bar.  The end result is
that we need new artwork for the usplash screen.  The current one is a
copy of the artwork in usplash-theme-debian.

Anyone up for the job?  We could use the same graphic for the usplash
and kdm images, to allow the machine to display almost the same image
all the way though the boot, or we can try to convert the old earth by
night image into an SVG.  I leave those decisions to those that do the
work.  I assume inkscape can be used to make the SVG and gimp can be
used to make the PNG.  Make sure to provide the gimp "source" to allow
modifications later.

Any volunteers to fix the artwork for usplash?  The code is in 

At the very least, the progress bar should be changed from a
transparent "Debian" to a transparent "Debian Edu".

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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