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Re: kiosktool

Hi Alf,

On Monday 10 March 2008 21:34, Alf Tonny Bätz wrote:
> Well we used the packages from kubuntu Feisty..
> The kiosktool version there is different in number and size:
> Kubuntu
> ii  kiosktool                          1.0-1.1ubuntu5

According to http://packages.ubuntu.com/kiosktool feisty has 1.0-1.1ubuntu5 - 
maybe you didnt use feisty or is kubuntu feisty different than ubuntu feisty?

> Debian
> ii  kiosktool                          1.0-1.1+b1
> the same about the kmenuedit is diferent version and size in file

Actually the versions of kmenuedit differ much more... can you give those too 
please? They could be quite important, as feisty doesnt seem to be the same 
as kubuntu feisty..

	Holger, surprised

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